The Servery

My last stop for the day is to visit a friend who lives in West Melbourne. Life can be a bit of a handful with a 7 month year old. I never thought that I would like babies so much, however when they belong to someone else they are ADORABLE! I love getting some cuddle time in with Ava.

As Ava was sleeping and hubby Vinh was able to take care of her, Shar and I ducked out for a hot drink at her favourite local The Servery. Just a short walk away from their apartment, they serve good coffee and delicious bunch and lunch options.

The first time I came here with Shar and another friend, I had enjoyed a delicious brunch. This was taken a while ago when I had my old HTC phone. I had a mocha and the Veggie Patch, which includes their yummy corn fritters!

Shar order the Chicken Penne which is exploding with flavour and I thought was really amazing. I was quite hungry by the time we got to the Servery, so it might have made the food taste a bit better…but I trust that if I were to order that dish next time I would still be blown away.

It’s so nice to find this little cafe tucked away in the quieter streets of Melbourne. It’s not really too busy, they keep it simple with good food, good coffee and friendly service. Doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. I love it!

Couple of recent snaps – one of my Chai Latte with extra honey. YUM!

If you’re in the area, definitely worth checking out this little brunch spot. They also just recently opened up a place in Glen Huntly as well :)

The Servery on Urbanspoon

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